Thank you for participation in Little-Land.
This is company/dealer application form for overseas participants only.
Application deadline for foreign participants is one month before the event is held. If possible, please apply early.

In addition, our On-line event participation system "On-line YOU" isn’t made for an event participation application from foreign countries. The procedure of application from foreign countries is as follows.

<<NOTE>> Details are indicated on the "EXHIBITION ESSENTIAL POINT FOR OVERSEAS PARTICIPANTS" to be sent at a later date.



Entry infomation

COMPANY name/Dealer name
Representative name(visit to Japan representative)
Representative Address(visit to Japan representative)
Telephone Number
Website URL
PR cut

Your submitting name, a website, information and your sales items can be advertised.

Amateur Booth PR cut = W1016px x H1677px (H71mm x W43mm) Template(01sp_cut.zip) download

Professional Booth PR cut = W2031px x H1677px (H71mm x W86mm) Template(02sp_cut.zip) download

* PSD or PNG or JPG format only.
The uploadable appeal image size is up to 2MB. JPG is now available for uploading. PNG and PSD are large in size. Please also try to compress JPG.

Participation cost

Please check for you need them, you make each number and amount, please fill in a net total last.

"Note" For details of booth sizes etc, please visit Little-Land official website "Dealer participation" page (corresponding to each language).

Booth Type

Check Only One

Number of Application booth

Professional 1booth = yen, Amateur 1booth = yen 1booth = yen


To up to 10 booths

Additional Chair

1chair yen


Maximum 1 per booth.

Maximum of 1 per 2 booths.

Placement Hope Genre

Put only one check in each item. Plural can't be checked.

Genre Detail (Please input the details into this column if you do not correspond to the item mentioned above)

Article for sale plans

Enter at least 1 item which schedules sale. If possible, please enter 3.

Item Number of item
Item 1 pcs
Item 2 pcs
Item 3 pcs
Congestion forecast

How busy is your booth at the start of the event?
For smooth operation, please put a check in.

Neighbor booth (Union booth)

Enter a dealer name in the booth next to some you wish. Those neighbor booths, mutual, a neighborhood, it’s the condition to agree.

When applying, it's necessary to input the mutual booth name here to hope for Neighbor booth.
It must be done by both you and neighbors.
And it's also necessary to make the arrangement request genre of Neighbor booth same as you.
Even if you hope for Neighbor booth, a pillar and an aisle are arranged between your booth and Neighbor booth.
Neighbor booth is sometimes arranged behind your booth.
Please accept it.

"Stamp Rally" participation application

Theme :

Stamp rally is a plan of "the collecting stamps".
"An event theme" is set for the event every holding. A dealer can get a participation right of "Stamp rally dealer" by doing exhibition and sale of a work which conforms to the event theme.
The wanting person, please apply for the participation from a "Stamp rally" page of the HP.
We’ll hand you "Stamp rally stamp" from an operation head office on the day. Please stamp the visitor who was able to come for your booth with a stamp. The visitor can get a present from the administration headquarters by collecting stamps.This present is presented to you after the Stamp rally, too. I give a present to you after the Stamp rally, too.
A communication tool of you and a customer is also effective as customer development again for a Stamp rally. You can participate in a Stamp rally for free of charge, so please apply by all means.



  • Please confirm whether there isn’t entry leakage in anything’s item in the application form.
  • Is the name of the person who arrives on the event day being entered in a representative name? Please bring the passport for the person himself confirmation on the day.
  • Please pay the application booth charge by cash (JPY) in a participation exclusive reception desk of the overseas participation on the event day.
  • It isn’t possible to send your baggage to the event meeting place in EMS from foreign countries.
  • We have not understood your procedure of customs duties and baggage. Please arrange by yourself.
  • Another domain is indicated for SSL use, but we go for the security management.
  • When "domain designation reception" sets it as a mail address, please establish it in order to receive a mail from [little-land.jp].
  • Sent personal information uses for only the destination where We’ll answer to an application and a question and offers it to a third person without one’s own agreement, and isn’t elucidated.
  • Please see a private policy about handling of personal information.

Please confirm the above mentioned item completely. When you can accept it, next please advance towards an agreement button including a check.